BLYNCC aims to disrupt the way traditional banking, payments, and other financial operations work. Its decentralized and inclusive nature ensures that everybody can participate in the ecosystem without any hassles. The BLYNCC ecosystem offers society to explore and experience exceptional opportunities offered by the distributed ledger technology, Blockchain.

Additionally, platforms like the NFT marketplace and the implications of its private blockchain support people to have great exposure and control over their crypto assets and transactions. BLYNCC aims to create the most advanced and transparent ecosystem in blockchain, allowing people to explore the abilities of modern finance in a decentralized environment.

Brand Purpose

BLYNCC strives to offer an effortless cross-border payment solution to empower business nad econoy to grow and stay connected .Effortless payments result in better business relationships and empower greater connections between businesses.Stronger business to business connections lead to increased growth and profitability.

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The mission is to bring crypto to our daily life and shower its magnificence on society and make people experience the potential of blockchain and its efficiency in all aspects. Crypto’s ability to cross international borders at ease breaks the boundaries of financial regulations. we aim to make the service more efficient and enhance it with the most advanced blockchain ecosystem.


BLYNCC envisions making blockchain an essential technology by proving its ability to mankind and supporting evolution as the most reliable and trustable blockchain network with magnificent innovations to enhance the performance of various industries. The ecosystem is architectured with the vision of offering the most sophisticated and transparent environment for future generations to explore and evolve with advanced technology.



The BLYNCC token is developed in the Polygon network to offer the utmost security and efficiency. The token is developed with a lot of utility value with exceptional benefits to its users. BLYNCC token, along with being a utility backed token, also holds the potential of raising its value in the market by sustaining the volatility to be an investment asset.

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Designed for convenience:

BLYNCC ecosystem is architectured to support multiple platforms, including Android and iOS, allowing users to access the platform from any device or location at their convenience. The ecosystem is architectured under user-centric approach to facilitate the simplistic experience in utilising the service with more efficiency.



Token Name: Blyncc
Token symbol: BLC
Total supply: 10100000000
Decimal : 15

Token Allocation

  • TOKEN SALE (Private & Public)


Over the next three years, BLYNCC wishes to achieve the following milestones.

At BLYNCC, we are devoted to building a strong global network of BLYNCC Token followers, subscribers, and BLYNCC Token owners. We are committed to an open, transparent, and progressive process and a road map for our users and visitors.

We believe BLYNCC Token will become one of the most popular and preferred choices of the global community, which will make it known as the ‘People's Cryptocurrency.’

We are on route to making BLYNCC Token a powerful cryptocurrency, fundamentally secured and decentralized. Our strong values, beliefs, and commitments shall continue to shape our roadmap.

This page shows the development progress so far and our future plans for the BLYNCC project. Items will be updated regularly, and we shall endeavor to provide regular progress reports and notifications to the BLYNCC community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • BLYNCC is a decentralized currency that is powered by blockchain technology and promotes inclusive financial services to all. Individuals will be able to utilize BLYNCC to participate in everyday economic transactions and settle payments without any hassles. With allied products such as digital wallets, bank accounts, and debit cards, BLYNCC will further empower the user.

  • The BLYNCC Token is the native currency of the BLYNCC ecosystem. Developed under the Polygon network, BLYNCC is programmed with a high utility value that will deliver maximum benefits to the participants. Along with the exceptional utility, the BLYNCC tokens possess the ability to raise its value in the market instantly to be an investment asset regardless of the market’s volatility.

  • The BLYNCC token can be purchased during the BLYNCC ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The token sale will be hosted on this website during its ICO launch.

  • ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a decentralized fundraising model that is based on blockchain technology. Here, a business or entrepreneur raises capital by distributing tokens to interested parties. ICOs are not limited by geographical boundaries and attract global participation.

  • BLYNCC has its own payment gateway that will be integrated with the ICO platform which allows the users to buy BLYNCC tokens using both credit and debit cards. You can also use BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, and USDT to make a purchase. We will soon introduce other instruments to make purchasing and exchanging BLYNCC tokens easier.